Design & Audio Showcase

Our visual designers, illustrators and graphic novel artists spend their time prodding and sorting  humanities stories and deeds into things you and I might understand. They are found in the fine lines in an alphabet of phobias, beautifully communicated thorough illustration, or in the graphic novel about a newly born flame spirit searching for her identity and purpose amidst a large forest in early 1900’s rural Ireland.

In the sound and music world, our relentless audio engineers, composers and designers, in collaboration with their peers in MTU Cork School of Music, contributed to a range of media projects this year. Talented, flexible, professional and reliable, these students captured an array of challenging on-site locations and studio recording sessions. Themes of love, loss, and heartbreak run throughout the concept EP ‘Adrienne’, which are heavily supported by the lyrical content of each individual song; A radio documentary series in which the selfless devotion of others proves extraordinary.

2022 Design & Audio Showcase

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