Witch Way Comic

Witch Way Comic

Grace O’Shea: Character design, Background artist, Illustrator, Scriptwriter, Colourist, Shading, Inking, Sketching.

For the final year project, a comic idea was devised using the pre-existing story that the student Grace O Shea pitched at the 2020 Dingle animation festival Big Picture contest. This comic is an individual project with Grace O’Shea filling all roles that needed to be undertaken.

The comic’s plot focuses on a little girl named Faye, mistaken for a witch on Halloween night and taken to a world witch’s warlocks and ghouls. Faye with the help of a friendly witch named Cora, must try to escape the world while the little girl’s older sibling tracks her down to try to save her. The comic only showcases the very beginning of the story of how the main character ended up in this situation. This is so if the story was to be continued the first part would be able to be published first.

The comic is sixteen pages long made up of over one hundred and three panels or individual drawings. The comic is coloured in a grayscale palette with hints of purple to make it pop off the page.

Grace O’ Shea:grace.oshea2828@icloud.com

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