Audio Production and Post Production Team

Audio Production and Post Production Team

Ken Zhung Kien Kho: Music Composition

Emmanuel Adah: Audio Engineer and Sound Effects

Ken Kho: Music composition is my Final Year Project which involves composing music for five groups, including four animations and one short drama. Each group requires a different musical piece that fits the story being told. As a starting point, the music is composed using a MIDI keyboard and the project members provide references for the type of music needed. Hence, the chords and melodies have been composed by using imagination and different chords. Moreover, the Grand Piano part was recorded at the Music Theatre (Emmanuel assisted me with setting up the microphone and recording). However, the violin, cello, harp, and xylophone were recorded at the Cork Music School.

Finally, I shared my video of the progress of my FYP in the presentation on 09/03/2023. The video begins with a solo piano piece that was recorded using a grand piano. The video then transitions into a that I produced with the string family. I am so thankful that all teams are apparently very happy with my work. I believe this is an excellent started for producing high-quality music for the members.

Group members: 1. Short Drama – Dierdre & Michael 2. Animation – Chenxi 3. Animation – Xi Yu 4. Animation – Austin 5. Animation – Roderick & Dylan

Emmanuel Adah: After 4 years of studying at MTU in the music technology department, I am quite aware of the significance of sound and audio in artistic endeavors. That why I decided to apply the abilities I’ve acquired during my program and what I love and want to become in the future for my final-year project, Audio post-production, which required “ Dialogue and sound FX “. there are numerous skills required for audio post-production that are technical. The creative aspect of audio post-production gives movies and cartoon emotion and brings things to feel alive.

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FYP (work in progress) by Ken & Emmanuel: