Audio Production and Postproduction Group

Audio Production and Postproduction for Creative Media

Piotr Duda

Patrick Lynch

Ben Lynott

Fionnuala Murray

Having spent the last four years studying sound, and its use and effect in the creative media sector, the Music Technology group understand in great detail the importance that sound and audio have in creative projects. With this in mind, as a group the Music Technology students choose to develop their own Audio Postproduction entity to facilitate any project from the creative media department that required music, sound fx and dialogue. The level of detail and work that is required to furnish these projects is the same that is required in the professional field. This allows the group to apply all the knowledge and skills that they have developed over the duration of their program and apply them in a real world context. Audio Postproduction as a skill involves many technological elements and the application of creativity differs from that of the conceptual artist. Nonetheless without it, the creative extensions that are employed convey emotion and context in ways that cannot be fulfilled from a conceptual viewpoint alone and the role of the Music Technology group is to facilitate this aspect.

“Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience” George Lucas.

Piotr Duda:

Patrick Lynch:

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