Welcome to Horizon 2023, our annual Creative Media Showcase of work from the Creative Media cohort of students at MTU Kerry Campus.  The work will be presented live on the 5th of May in a special Media Seminar event, including screenings, presentation sessions and Q&A sessions.

Each year students from a range of creative media programs work independently – or collectively – on their ideas and stories, which are broad and varied, but all of which seek to illustrate what has been learned and achieved over the previous four years.

This digital exhibition of work, which accompanies the Seminar series, showcases the diversity of media creations, from lens-based media, radio and film documentary, 2D and 3D animation, music and sound production, design communications, illustration and comics.  

Particular congratulations to our 2023 cohort of students on completing their programme and all that has been achieved along the way.  

We cannot say what will be over the Horizon line for each of you, but wish you every success in striking out into the unknown, finding your bearings, advancing along your chosen path. 


Our Animation students have tasted every option on our menu of Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design and in their final year projects they have opted to specialise in a chosen few; from beautifully illustrated intimate personal reflections, to complex and carefully constructed animations, every project is anchored in strong stories, relentless research and creative curiosity.

This year projects include a 3d Animated scene inspired by a future where AR technology and metaverse development merge with our daily lives, 2D animation about a boy’s coming-of-age, set against a backdrop of traditional Chinese opera and a comedic recreation of mid-century animation about a small but feisty Kerry garda on patrol, determined to keep the peace in the formidable night.



All elements of media craft are woven into our film-makers during their time with us on the BA (HONS) in TV, Radio and New Media Broadcasting programme. As part of their time here students undertake research, evolve their ideas into scripts and storyboards, and respond creatively to the world around them through lens-based media, film and sound, fact and fiction. 

These media operators are reflective, talented and personable; they are also dynamic forerunners in collaboration; this year we saw our wonderful Kerry writers and directors work alongside our sound production team and their talented acting peers from MTU Cork Campus, to bring their stories to life.

This year our music composers joined with the MTU Cork School of Music orchestra, to bring their scores to air, what a privilege for all involved, while actors from our Cork campus contributed to films and voiceovers. We hope the work is testament to the magic that can happen when great students work together across departments, schools and campuses at MTU.


Design & Audio

Our visual designers, illustrators and graphic novel artists spend their time prodding and sorting  humanities stories and deeds into things you and I might understand. They are found in the fine lines in an alphabet of phobias, beautifully communicated thorough illustration, or in the graphic novel about a newly born flame spirit searching for her identity and purpose amidst a large forest in early 1900’s rural Ireland.

In the sound and music world, our relentless audio engineers, composers and designers, in collaboration with their peers in MTU Cork School of Music, contributed to a range of media projects this year. Talented, flexible, professional and reliable, these students captured an array of challenging on-site locations and studio recording sessions. Themes of love, loss, and heartbreak run throughout the concept EP ‘Adrienne’, which are heavily supported by the lyrical content of each individual song; A radio documentary series in which the selfless devotion of others proves extraordinary.