3D Scene The Giants’ Causeway

The Giants’ Causeway

Lauren Allen: 3D Modeller, VFX, Lighting, Texture, Rigging Artist

Piotr Duda: Composition, Location Sound Recording

Fionnuala Murray: Mixing, Sound Editing & Design, Location Sound Recording

Patrick Lynch: Mixing, Location Sound Recording

Ben Lynott: Location Sound Recording

This 3D piece is inspired by the stunning Giant’s Causeway located in Northern Ireland and the Irish legend Fionn McCool. This scene is a detailed 3D model of the Giants Causeway, with Fionn McCool standing powerfully on the rocks. Within the scene there are many different visual effects to bring the piece to life. With crashing waves, wind and rain, accompanied by traditional Irish music, and sound effects created and recorded by the Music Tech Students.

This scene was chosen by artist Lauren Allen because of her Irish background, in the attempts to learn more about the culture and create something meaningful for both herself and her family. Lauren grew up hearing the story of Fionn McCool from her mother who was born and raised in Northern Ireland. Lauren herself was born in Northern Ireland, but moved to Canada when she was very young, meaning she grew up within the Canadian culture. Coming back to Ireland has provided many opportunities and creating this scene has helped Lauren improve her skills while reconnecting with her past.

Lauren Allen https://ljlallen00.wixsite.com/mysite

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