Short Film – Eternal Return

Short Film – Eternal Return

Grace Foley: Producer, Art Director, Costume and Props.

Archie Erskine Hadden: Editor, Grip, Gaffer

Kiah Doona: Director, Cinematographer, DIT

Alan O’Mahony: Scriptwriter, Cinematographer, Lighting

Ben Lynott: Boom Op, Composer, Production Sound Mixer

Piotr Duda: Boom Op, Ambience Recordist

Fionnuala Murray: LAV Technician, Production Audio

Pa Lynch: Recording Mixer, Production Audio

“Eternal Return” is a short horror film. The film is inspired by the gothic genre and is blended with a modern day style. The film is relevant and innovative, paying homage to the Edwardian era. The story revolves around a newly graduated couple Aaron and Ellen who are going on a weekend away. They arrive at their Hotel and something is amiss. As darkness falls, what seems to be a peaceful night’s rest–is full of trepidation. When Aaron vanishes, Ellen is forced to confront the hotel’s tormented recluse.

The film was created by four final year TV, Radio and New Media Broadcasting students. The film was shot in a 19th century building known as “Collis Sandes”. The building has a Venetian “gothic revival” architectural style which added to the authenticity of the piece. The film was shot using two Canon 90Ds. Actors were sourced from Munster Technological University. The project was filmed over three consecutive nights. The hardwork and dedication amassed to an overall high-quality short horror film.

Grace Foley:

Alan O’Mahony:

Kiah Doona:

Archie Hadden:

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