Documentary Series – Súile Na Farraige

Documentary Series -Súile Na Farraige (Ocean’s Eyes)

Finbarr O’Donovan(Part 1): Director, Producer, Video Editor.

Stephen Fogarty(Part2): Director, Producer, Video Editor.

Donncha Ó Siochrú(Part3): Director, Producer, Video Editor.

Patrick Lynch: Sound Operator, Sound Editor.

Ben Lynott, Fionnuala Murray: Sound Operator.

Piotr Duda: Composer.

‘Suile na Farraige’ (Ocean’s Eyes) is a three-part documentary series, created on the South West Coast of Ireland, that explores the profound and wonderful connection that humans have with the sea. The series tells the story of the connection with the sea from people who have been in, on and around the sea all of their lives. All three parts cover different aspects of life by the sea; one on living off the sea, one on the danger of the sea and one of the artistic perception of the sea. In these episodes, the audience experiences a perspective that comes from the eyes of those who have a very deep and enduring emotional connection to the ocean.

Finbarr O’Donovan:

Stephen Fogarty:

Donncha Ó Siochrú