Saoirse Freisinger: Animator, character designer

Patrick Lynch: Audio Post Production

Piotr Duda: Music Production

Arrested for illegal smuggling of outlawed books and medicine from the West in Bronzemere, the capital city of the Sword Coast, two unusual men are in holding awaiting a trial for their crimes. Lady Luck shines upon them today as they are offered freedom under parole with their actions being pardoned if they agree to abandon their criminal ways and seek redemption.

Redemption is a short 2d animated piece that is set in a fantasy world where magic resides in every living being. The animation follows Gemini and Koko, a mysterious plague doctor with lost memories and a young vampire healer, as they are held in Bronzemere’s prison awaiting trial for their actions earlier that day.

Saoirse Freisinger:

Redemption. grab1