Evelyn Watts: Illustrator, character designer

Shawna Buckley: Animator, editor 

Fionnuala Murray: Sound FX

Ben Lynott: Music production 

Aisling Sharkey: Voice actress (‘Iris’)

A young girl steps out of her daily routine to help her dying garden, only to fall headfirst into trouble. On her journey, she learns the error in humanities ways and makes an unexpected friend. Trapped and out of options the pair must find a way out, all the while being reminded of their continuously deteriorating surroundings.

‘Flourish’ is a 2D animated film, based on the devastation caused by humans on nature. The aim of the film is to highlight topics such as deforestation and drought in an engaging, visual story format. The short film uses a storybook and cinematic style to create depth between each scene.

The music for the piece is organic and serene. However, the music is constant, changing with the environment as the plot progresses.

Illustrations were given depth through shading and stylised cross hatching and a colour palette matching the main characters environment throughout. The 2D parallax was achieved through the use of 3D layers creating a moving, depthful environment. Lights within the scenes draw attention to important aspects of each scene. A 3D camera introduced cinematic movement to the film, allowing for creative transitions between the scenes.

Evelyn:Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evelyn-w-147326176/

Shawna:Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawna-buckley-58124a1b9/

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