My Adoption

My Adoption

Elena Horgan: Animator, Illustrator, Scriptwriter

Ben Lynott: Sound Producer

Piotrek Duda: Composer, sound editor 

Fionnuala Murray: Sound designer 

Molly Reilly: Voice Actress 

This FYP project is a motion design piece which focuses on the adoption journey of Elena Horgan’s parents, her feelings around being adopted and how that influences her life growing up. The piece is a short story told using a singular line drawing. Each section of the story is connected by this one line, with the line drawing out an illustration of each event within the story. The line moves on from one illustration to another representing the time difference from one life event to the next. Along with this, within these segments, soft yet punctual colours are used to signify the emotions felt at certain moments throughout the story. The Illustrations themselves were made using Adobe Illustrator and were then brought into Adobe After Effects to be animated. Over 26 individual art pieces were created to showcase the story.

Elena Horgan:

My Adoption. grab1
My Adoption.grab2
My Adoption.grab3
My Adoption.grab4