Humanity Under a Microscope

Humanity Under a Microscope

Simon Lucas: Project Idea/Concept, Art, Modeler, Animator

Piotr Duda :Music/Audio

Ben Clifford Lynott: Music/Audio

This is a 3D animated comedy in the style of documentary or “mockumentary (is a form of serious documentary in order to satirize its subject)” about a group of confused aliens who are visiting our planet Earth. They want to discover the meaning of humanity. They decide to learn what humanity is through the internet leading to a distorted understanding of mankind. These aliens are in their spaceship, but they are also in Area 51 in a secure area. The twist is that the aliens are being observed by the humans that they are observing.

This 3D animated short was developed, written, and produced by Simon Lucas. He got his inspiration for the look from science fiction fantasy novels from the 1950’s. The visual work and animation for this project was completed by Simon.

The audio work was completed by a combined effort by Piotr Duda and Ben Clifford Lynott with some directorial input from Simon Lucas.

Simon Lucas:

Humanity Under a Microscope. grab1
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