Uncovering Hidden Talents & Dreams

Uncovering Hidden Talents & Dreams

Chenxi Li: Animator, character designer

Ken Kho: Music Production

Emmanuel Adah: Audio Post Production

The Title of the animated short film is “Uncovering Hidden Talents & Dreams”, the story is about a boy born into a traditional opera family who falls in love with opera and accepts the responsibility of passing it on……

But before becoming a real opera performer, due to an accidental back injury when his father was young, his father missed the opportunity to become a professional actor in the theatre. In the process of facing his child’s growth, the father hid everything related to opera, and did not want to force the child to repeat the path of the opera actor.

I want to record how boys change step by step in the process of growing up, and tell the audience, do what you want to do, if want to be an opera actor, liking is not just for a while, it takes time and continuous practice.

Portfolio Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chenxi-li-420ab8196/