Steeped In Sound

Steeped In Sound

Kimaya Tegtmeyer: Producer, Video Production, Audio Production, Sound Engineer.

Clare-Ann Nolan: Video Production, Colour Correction, Foley Artist.

Cian Barden: Boom.

Wike Schippers: Composer.

This documentary delves into the culture of Irish traditional music, following the stories and performances of three musicians, with a trad session finale. The documentary is a tryptic narrative, with three characters explored sequentially. After an introduction that is relatable to the audience, each section chronicles the character through a solo performance, and visualized narration segment. They speak on topics regarding the modern trad scene, work, and stories from their lives.

The cast includes Macdara O’Faolain, Yarrow, and Brian Phelan. Macdara is a young Gaeilgeoir musician and luthier from Gaeltacht na nDéise in Co. Waterford. He plays with Victoria Pierce and shares his experience as a planet conscious musician and luthier. He tells his story in Irish. Yarrow is a multi-instrumentalist who busks and plays in trad bands in Tralee, Kerry. She tells a story from her time at a music course in Donegal. Brian Phelan is a fiddle player and luthier in Tralee. He tells a comedic story of playing a trad reel on a rare Stradivarius violin at luthier school in Italy.

After each character’s performance and perspectives are explored, the documentary wraps up with a live traditional music jam session with other musicians in Tralee’s An Cearnog pub.

Kimaya Tegtmeyer:

Clare-Ann Nolan: