The Moonlighters

The Moonlighters

Jack Roche: Animation.

Pa Lynch: Music/SFX

The Title of the animated short film is “The Moonlighters” and it is based on real historical events telling a story of a vigilante group that began in 1879 in Castleisland. The film tells the story of the founders of the group being inspired by heroes of Irish legends past in their hedge school.

These teachings compel their heroic spirit in the events that follow… 1965 with the central characters as children that would become the founding trio of the This project is near and dear to its author’s heart as well as his family, After uncovering this story with his grandfather He became extremely passionate about the subject and had then realised that the story’s scope for broad appeal as a homegrown modern Irish legend.

The Creator believes that this story will be a heartening tale of young heroes rising up against an overwhelming force of domination on their people and this story displays how indomitable the human spirit can be in the face of generations of subjection with the help of a little storytelling.

Without an adaption like this short film real Irish history that has never been spotlighted will likely be lost or forgotten forever!

Jack Roche:

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