Parcel of Stardust

Parcel of Stardust

Sean Spillane: Writer/Casting Director/Producer/D.O.P./Editor/VFX Co-ordinator(Sole TVRB student on the project in official/grading capacity)

Ben Lynott: On-Site Recording, Post-Production, Music&SFX.

Fionnuala Murray: On-Site Recording.

Cast: Léa-Lou Valentin – ‘Andrea Fitzgerald’, Finbarr O’ Donovan – ‘Charlie’, Donncha Ó Siochru- ‘Death’, Stella Gilligan-‘X’

Andrea Fitzgerald, a twenty-two-year-old journalism student, is crippled by her anxiety. Every time she walks outside, she is faced with panic attacks in the forms of portents of doom coming from innocuous circumstances and scenarios. Nowhere is safe – not even her mind. She is haunted by a figure of Death who challenges her frequently in games she cannot understand the purpose of. On a fateful night when she is at her most overwhelmed and defeated, an odd gift presents itself.

Parcel of Stardust, written and directed by Sean Spillane, is a short film about the journey towards determinism in the face of despair. Starring Léa-Lou Valentin as Andrea, Finbarr O’Donovan as her friend Charlie, and Mollie Savage and Stella Gilligan as the voices of Death and the strange gift, respectively.

Sean Spillane:

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