In the Flesh

In the Flesh

Sean Sweeney: Story by, Character Modeller, Rigger, Concept Art, Character Design, Animator.

Jennifer McCracken: Storyboarder, Project Manager, Animator, Editor, Writer, Texture artist.

Hunter Aarsteinsen: Prop Modeller, Set Modeller, Texture Artist, Prop concept artist.

Piotek: Composer

Fionnula: Sound Effect and Foley Artist

Patrick: Sound Tech

As twilight falls upon a small town on the edge of the woods, a young woman leaves her worn down house with a box in hand. However, she is apprehensive to do so, but nevertheless steals herself and starts her journey into town. Why is she apprehensive? What is in the box? Who, or what, is that dark silhouette in the back following her? Viewers beware, you’re in for a scare! This young woman is about to face her greatest fear and her greatest threat in the darkness of the night. In this short film the creators hope to provide a subtle yet effective sense of horror within the viewer mixing the use of the paranormal, the uncanny, and 3D animation.

Jennifer McCracken:


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