A Kerry Komedy

A Kerry Komedy

Austin DesRosiers: Animator, Director, Writer

Ken Kho: Composer

Emmanuel Adah: Audio Engineer and Sound Effects

Kerry is a beautiful county full of life, wonder, and excitement. But what happens when this peaceful setting is challenged by a gang of unsavoury individuals? It’s up to our hero: a small but feisty garda on patrol, determined to keep the peace in the formidable night. Our hero arrests a ne’er-do-well caught in a truly heinous act – rubbish-tossing. On the way back to the station, the guard encounters some associates of the crook, who are equally determined to rescue their captured leader. Will our hero succeed?

A Kerry Komedy is an animated short film, created with the goal of recreating the look of an animation produced in the 1950’s. Travel back in time with this excellent recreation of mid-century animation.

Portfolio Link:https://www.desrosiers-studios.com